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Managed Security Operations Centre

Guaranteed peace of mind.
Guaranteed Network Security, now with FNS.

Run your business with an assured, bulletproof & advanced IT security ecosystem. Detect, prevent, investigate & respond to any securty threat to your networks.

What is an SOC

SOC, an acronym for Security Operations Centre, can allow your organisation outsource security responsibilities to a third-party provider. 

Instead of the expensive and usually inefficient option of manning a full-service SOC in-house. The SOC partner takes responsibility for 24/7 threat detection, monitoring, defence & remediation against modern cyber threats. 


The need of an SOC

15.1 Billion

Cyberattacks triggered over 7,000 breaches in 2019, exposing 15.1 billion records

$3.92 Million

The average cost of data breach is now $3.92 Million

279 Days

It takes an average of 279 days to identify and contain a breach.​

86% of organizations rate the SOC as anywhere from important to essential to their cybersecurity strategy

Technology protocols for your peace of mind


Information Security Management


Enabled detection & remediation

RPA & Systems automation

powered security protocols

We aim to deliver tangible benefits

Reduce your TOC by a margin of 45%+

If you deploy, maintain, and operate a complete SOC system in-house your Opex & overheads can be dizzying. With FNS's use-case & bottom-line first approach you can reduce TOC with our plug-and-play service capabilities to improve cybersecurity in line with industry-related compliance needs. 

Moder Cyber threats are no longer uni-dimensional, your brands network security would only be holistically protected by engaging multiple security domain experts(Incident responders, malware analysts, and cloud security architects), these skill sets can be rare and difficult to retain in-house.

With FNS's award-winning expert panel, you get access to these professionals 24/7.

Our approach is not reactive but preventive. We move beyond reactive incident response and strive to evolve activities to include proactive threat hunting. The stealthiest attackers work hard to avoid detection, which is why our veteran SOC analysts sift through digital clues to find early evidence of attacks that may not always trigger alarms but are nevertheless worth investigation.

In addition to ensuring platinum-level network security - we seek to expand security visibility and incident response coverage by establishing thorough inventories of your organizational IT assets and instrumenting near-real-time security monitoring to be ready for any situation. 

"Thanks to the FNS team we've now detected & remediated cyber threats that put more than
2 million records at risk, all of this with state-of-the-art of tools.

- The CTO of a leading Medical device production brand

Have a glimpse into our industry-beating approach

Security Incident response

Security Threat Intelligence




Security analytics



Security compliance management

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Customised dashboard & reporting



Compliance ,GRC


Vulnerability managment



Security Log         managment



Endpoint Cloud &       Network analytics


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