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  • What is a NOC?
    NOC stands for network operations center. With the push for digitization in 2022, your Networks are required to deliver more results. NOC Managed services provide bulletproof monitoring & remediation of various network verticals in your business. NOC’s Managed service solution partners like FNS provide an end-to-end solution system where our seasoned domain experts perform the supervision, monitoring, and maintaining of a telecommunications network. Companies operating on heavy networks partner with NOC providers where a dedicated ecosystem that visualizes & monitors network operations
  • What is a SOC?
    SOC, an acronym for Security Operations Centre, can allow your organisation outsource security responsibilities to a third-party provider. Instead of the expensive and usually inefficient option of manning a full-service SOC in-house. The SOC partner takes responsibility for 24/7 threat detection, monitoring, defence & remediation against modern cyber threats.
  • How can a NOC help me?
    In addition to getting instant access to best-in-class industry practices & top talent to manage your network operations, here are some of the benefits you can experct from a NOC: Protection from internal and external attacks End-to-end solution to ensure everything is running smoothly Custom-made, need-based assistance 24/7 network monitoring Advanced and up-to-date infrastructure Highly proficient and experienced experts Real-time administering and reporting Increased Network & business productivity & output without added overheads and hiring needs Bulletproof, all-round monitoring, detection & remediation of servers, networks, applications, databases and workstations More bandwidth for your internal IT resources for strategic tasks
  • How can a SOC help me?
    Lower Total Cost of Ownership Reduce your TOC by a margin of 45%+ If you deploying, maintain, and operate a complete SOC system in-house your Opex & overheads can be dizzying. With FNS's use-case & bottom-line first approach you can reduce TOC with our plug-and-play service capabilities to improve cybersecurity in line with industry-related compliance needs. Access to Specialized Security Expertise Moder Cyber threats are no longer uni-dimensional, your brands network security would only be holistically protected by engaging multiple security domain experts(Incident responders, malware analysts, and cloud security architects), these skill sets can be rare and difficult to retain in-house. With FNS's award-winning expert panel, you get access to these professionals 24/7. Stay a step ahead of attackers Our approach is not reactive but preventive. We move beyond reactive incident response and strive to evolve activities to include proactive threat hunting. The stealthiest attackers work hard to avoid detection, which is why our veteran SOC analysts sift through digital clues to find early evidence of attacks that may not always trigger alarms but are nevertheless worth investigation. Increase security coverage & visibity across your assets In addition to ensuring platinum-level network secutiry - we seek to expand security visibility and incident response coverage by establishing thorough inventories of your organizational IT assets and instrumenting near-real-time security monitoring to be ready for any situation.
  • What kind of certifications & protocols does FNS follow?
    FNS believes in delivering high-quality managed services. Over the last 12 years, the FNS team has invested into Avant-grande tools, certifications & partnerships to give you better margins and peace of mind. We've AI/ML powered delivery models that allow us to: - Gauge & extrapollate network traffic for improved stability & lower downtime - Better handle securty threats by AI powered cyberthreat recognition, response, remediation & reporting ISO20000 - certified IT Service Management ISO27001 - Information Security Management AWS - Cloud Hosting partnership for seamless delivery QRadar - Powered SIEM ManageEngine - SDP Enterprise tools
  • What kind of pricing do you offer?
    We have 3 levels of pricing(Platinum, Gold, Silver). Our team of domain experts will give you a free assesment on business needs and sketh a thorough delivery plan, outlining our SLAs based on your unique business needs,

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